In Which I Meet at Least His Harp

Raphael's Harp

3.5 years ago, renowned harpmaker Raphael Weisman stood on the brink of retirement, and I wrote a tribute piece on him for the American Harp Journal. It was my first publication breakthrough. When my dear friend Devin and her lover Brock asked me to play at their wedding, I put the pieces together: they lived just miles from Raphael’s workshop in Questa, New Mexico. I called him, and with his characteristic gentleness he agreed to loan me a harp.

So here am I, embracing one of the last harps he made, in the soaring sanctuary of an old Catholic church in Albuquerque. I rest my fingers on the strings and feel the potential there–hear the bell-like treble and the warm, clear bass. The sound rings out like a blessing, and my friend raises her face to soak it in.

We’ll meet next time, Raphael. Until then, thank you.

Albuquerque, NM / early afternoon / w/Harps of Lorien

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