Beverage Personalities: Dean Kallivrousis


The world of coffee is filled with personalities large and small, introverted and extroverted. Most of us in this culture are here because we care deeply about the magical bean but also because we thrive on the interactions springing from it.

One of those personalities is Kostantinos Adonies Kallivrousis (I challenged myself to write his name without checking his Facebook feed for spelling and, well, I lost my challenge). Small, dark, and supercharged with energy, Dean is a well-known face by now in the Kansas City and regional coffee scene. Unhesitatingly Greek, possessor of a killer handlebar mustache and an unshakeable latte art hand, Dean and his lovely wife Jessie just celebrated the birth of their daughter, Sophia. He’s one of the dynamic baristas at Parisi Artisan Coffee (also home to reigning World Barista Champion, Pete Licata).

Dean’s star is rising. I know I’ll be another onlooker who found herself a bit happier because Dean is in her life, smiling swarthily over coffee. Here’s to the Kallivrousises, and to another meteoric year!

Kansas City, Missouri / early morning / Parisi Artisan Coffee


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