Coffee Wednesday: A Nod to Tradition–Spella Cafe


Step into Spella Caffe and find yourself transported, if not in time, at least in locale. Now I’ve not been to Italy, but from what I read, Spella is an inspired take on a classic Italian espresso bar. And in the midst of Portland’s 3rd-wave coffee culture, a refreshing nod to tradition.

Slender and stylish, the caffe allows for only a few customers at a time, accentuating the “expressly-for-you” nature of the service. A Rancilio  piston-lever machine, combined with some really killer barista skills, create a cappuccino with foam so thick and ‘goopy’ it’s like marshmallow fluff. How’s the espresso? Burnt sugar, oak, sweet cranberry, tactile, and pleasantly lingering.

Portland, OR / afternoon / Spella Caffe

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